Here is a list of great resources that you can and should use to learn piano efficiently.

  • Zebra Keys: This fantastic site features interactive lessons for piano beginners and great exercises for new players.
  • Piano Nanny: An excellent resource for pianists of any skill, Piano Nanny has great lessons that are easy to understand and fun to read.
  • Musician’s Way: With some great tools to help you get organized and set goals, Musician’s way enables you to download practice schedules, logs, and goal sheets to help motivate yourself.
  • Learn Jazz Piano: A website focused on teaching jazz piano, Learn Jazz Piano offers great articles, resources, and a forum for questions.
  • Musicnotes: Find and play sheet music from hundreds of popular songs and pieces for free with Musicnotes.
  • Simply Piano: Want to learn the piano basics step-by-step from scratch? Simply Piano, the latest app by JoyTunes, is a fun and easy way to learn. Just place your iOS device on your piano or keyboard and play away!